Soft Play Equipment is Designed to Create Unique Soft Play Environments & Soft Play Centres for Babies, Toddlers and Young Children
Softplay Equipment Is Used To Create Stimulating Soft Play Environments Free From Hard Shapes That Can Cause Injury



‘The opportunity to explore the environment safely in a stimulating way is an essential ingredient in the child’s development’

POTTZ are specialists in design, manufacturing and installation of soft play equipment, creating unique soft play environments for a very special soft play experience. Some of our unique soft play areas are now in the Casino play centres, Theme parks, restaurants and indoor play centres; anywhere where there are toddlers that need entertaining in a safe environment or additional activities for older children in existing tunnel systems.

Our components also form the base of many gross motor programs used across the country, in mother and child workshops, nursery schools and gyms as well as custom manufacturing for Occupational Therapists.

Soft Play Systems

Our soft play environments are ideal for 6 months to 8 years old age groups, but can be enjoyed by older children often with a supplementary tunnel system.

Our soft play equipment is used to create a soft play environment which is colorful, stimulating and free from hard sharp shapes that can cause injury.

Equipment can also be mobile for therapy play and play to develop gross motor skills that many take for granted. A soft play environment can also be customized to suit your space requirements and adopted to specific themes.

Play is essential in every child’s natural development. Play for every child is the medium that provides the opportunities needed to interact, socialize, associate, reason and communicate. We produce a range of products designed to enhance and enlarge a child’s experience of the world. The opportunity to explore the environment safely in a stimulating way is an essential ingredient in the child’s development.

Soft play equipment and toys are covered with reinforced PVC fabric in a variety of colours, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Navy, Lime, Pink and Purple. PVC is durable, tear resistant and easy to clean. Equipment is waterproof and resistant to a wide range of household detergent and chemicals. Making the toys durable for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Our softplay comes in three sizes to be sure the customer obtains age appropriate components:

MINI - aimed at crawlies and toddlers in the early stages of walking.
TODDLER - aimed at confident toddlers and early preschoolers.
PRESCHOOL - aimed at preschool environments and indoor play centres. Can be used for older children.


- Suitable for indoor and outdoor activities
- Durable and tear resistant
- Easy to clean
- Waterproof
- Resistant to chemicals
- Inexpensive to maintain
- Safe and stimulating

Indoor Playground Equipment
Softplay systems also include the Platform structures we design to entertain and challenge the older children in an indoor environment.

Our expert design team consults on every aspect of an indoor play space. Starting with concept design and finishing with a maintenance program once the play centre is up and running.

These systems cater for children up to 12yrs old.

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