Plastic / Jungle Gyms

Plastic Toys and Play Equipment for Children

Children will love our range of plastic toys and play equipment. These products not only provide endless fun and entertainment, they are also children friendly, being roto moulded and UV stable. Our plastic products are very robust and ideal for heavy duty play environments. Our range of plastic see saws, rockers and sandy marina tables are available in a variety of colours and are suitable for toddlers and young children.

Our Plastic Toys & Equipment Include The Following

Our components form the base of many gross motor programs used across the country, in mother and child workshops, nursery schools and gyms.

Soft play areas are still a new concept in South Africa and clearly there is a need to design and create soft play spaces for toddlers. Some of our unique soft play areas are now in the Casino play centers, Theme parks, restaurants and indoor play centers. Anywhere where there are toddlers that need entertaining in a safe environment.